Our mission

Creating thoughtful, inclusive, multicultural, and community-empowering code for our future.

The Codex Creation Committee (CCC) is dedicated to building a brighter future by developing thoughtful, inclusive, and multicultural coding practices. Our mission is to empower communities through the creation of educational opportunities that span a diverse array of fields, including art, culture, health, wellness, technology, and entertainment.

Our vision

CCC is dedicated to fostering a world where intellectual curiosity thrives, community connections deepen, cultural enrichment is accessible to all, and collective well-being is prioritized. Through our commitment to these four pillars, we aim to inspire and empower individuals and communities to explore, connect and celebrate diversity, and support each other in our shared journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Our ultimate goals are to ensure access to opportunities and to empower individuals with the agency to shape their own destinies.


Our board combines extensive experience, creativity, and a passion for empowerment and creating change.
Arlene Amick
Analisa Holoubek
Athalie LaPamuk
Engin Onural
Marc Payan
Tizoc DeAztlan
Executive Director